• Took My Worry Away

    When I was injured in an accident when someone ran a stop sign and T-boned me, I suffered from a neck injury. I was in so much pain and was busy with dr appts and treatments. I wanted to make sure my case was taken care of, but hard to have energy and time when you are injured. Chad with Lamarca took away all the worry about my case away so I could work on recovering. He was so knowledgeable and explained each step and always called and updated me on my case and how things were progressing. He treated me as a priority and always answered any questions my husband and I had. They are organized, caring, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and efficient. I'm so happy with my experience with Chad and the LaMarca staff! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for counsel or who just has questions about a possible case.

    - Jennifer T.

  • Elite & Respected Heroes

    Lamarca law is a wonderful law firm to work with. It was a great experience for me I've never dealt with such caring wonderful professional lawyers before. They were very prompt, informative, professional, truly caring about my situation and the troubles I was dealing with. They really are a great law firm to do business with and have on your side in such unfortunate times in our lives I am very very grateful to of had them except my case and fight for me by far hands down the best of the best that I have had any encounters within my life, unfortunately, I have had to deal with a couple of others in the past and I won't mention any names or law firms directly out of respect for LaMarca law and it's lawyer's but I know who I will call if I ever need legal advice in the future and they are the only law firm that I personally ever recommend anyone else to call if ever in need of legal advice. Keep up the great work that all of you do. I could keep praising these elite respected heroes all day but I will end now so I could never thank you all enough but thanks Andy, Barbara, George, Nick, Phillip, Gary, Roman, Chad, James, Drennan, Ryan, Tyler, and everyone else I missed Thank You Thank You all very much you guys really are a great crew and group of elite members of the legal system and sorry if I missed your name and didn't get it up above

    - J.J.

  • Thank You Guys So Much
    I came into LaMarca Law Group because I was in a car accident. Ryan made the whole process very simple and stress-free. In the end, we got more than expected and were very pleased with the outcome so I can get everything handled. The whole staff is very polite and helpful. Any questions or concerns I had, his assistant or Ryan was there to help instantly. Thank you guys so much!

    - Reset W.

  • I Have the Utmost Confidence in Them
    When my 7-year-old daughter and I were victims of a high-speed rollover crash where the other party was entirely at fault, I thought it would be an open-and-shut matter of filing a claim with the other party's insurance. As I started to try to navigate the process of obtaining medical records, dealing with multiple insurance companies, laws of multiple states (my accident happened out of state), and dealing with ongoing injuries (physical therapy for me and therapy for my daughter's PTSD) I realized I was in way over my head and needed the help of some professionals.

    I hadn't even gotten to negotiations.

    Luckily, I had a colleague who was also dealing with the aftermath of an accident who passed along the contact info for his attorneys, LaMarca Law Group. I made an appointment (shout out to Chad Knapp) and am extremely happy that I did. We discussed the accident, went over my options, and I turned them loose.

    They handled everything. I can't tell you how wonderful a feeling that is after such a stressful event. We kept in regular contact, and I never had to wonder what the status of my claim was. At every fork in the road we discussed options, and I was never pressured into any kind of decision. We ended up with a settlement that we were very happy with, and even after that LaMarca continued to work on our behalf to make an underinsurance claim with my insurance company. Settlement negotiation is a long process, but this still beats my expectation for timing every step of the way.

    Just as when you hope you never have to go to the doctor, you are happy to have a great one when you do. I feel the same way about Chad and LaMarca - I hope I never need to call them again, but if I do it will be with the utmost confidence that I have made the right choice.

    - Dan G.

  • Very Satisfied
    I was driving through an intersection on the way to work when I was involved in a collision with an uninsured driver. I was told at the hospital that I had a broken bone in my foot, and I was unable to work for over two months after the collision. The lawyers at LaMarca Law Group P.C. explained to me that there was insurance coverage available from my own insurance company to compensate me for my injuries. They negotiated a settlement on my behalf with my insurance company that included compensation for the time I missed from work.

    - Donald G.

  • Recommended Without Reservation
    I can’t thank you and your staff enough for all the hard work you put into my case. If you ever need a letter of recommendation or anything let me know. I don’t know what my family and I would have done without you during this.

    - Randy R.

  • Professional & Courteous
    I worked with Gary and Tyler. Both of these gentlemen were very professional and courteous. I felt like I was being taken care of by people who cared about my well-being, and at the same time did not feel like they were trying to rob the other party. No pressure or double-speak, just straightforward professionalism. I hope I never need their services again, but if I do there's no hesitation.

    - J. Mc

  • Truly Thankful
    My experience with Chad Knapp of Lamarca Law Group was truly outstanding. I got into my first car wreck and didn't know what to do or how to proceed. The amount of professionalism and information that Chad went over with me, gave me peace in mind knowing that I was in great hands. He laid out the entire process and how things work as well as keeping me in touch with how things progressed. I am truly thankful for what Chad & Lamarca Law Group has done for me.

    - Steven B.

  • Professional & Caring
    I was very pleased with Chad Knapp, who handled my case. He was very professional but at the same time showed concern for what I had experienced in regards to the accident that totaled my vehicle. I felt very confident in the progress of my case right up to when it was finally settled. Chad Knapp was very diligent in keeping me well informed throughout the entire process, which was greatly appreciated. I would recommend LaMarca Law Group and Chad Knapp to anyone looking for legal assistance of any kind, I am very happy that I did.

    - Debra E.

  • Great Guy & Great Attorney
    Excellent at every step. Mr. Knapp was one great guy. Professional, friendly, helpful all the way.

    - Dorn B.

  • Highly Recommend
    My son was in a serious automobile collision that left him with permanent injuries. There were a very complicated liability and insurance issues. The lawyers at LaMarca Law Group, P.C. conducted a prompt and thorough investigation, and after filing suit achieved a settlement that will provide for my son’s future education and well-being,

    - Dan S.

  • Exceptional
    Services were exceptional.

    - Annie G.

  • They Cared About Our Future
    When my husband died unexpectedly after receiving routine cancer treatment, I looked to the lawyers at LaMarca Law Group, P.C. for answers and help. Their investigation found that my husband’s death was caused by a failure to follow simple medical standards. I am grateful for the closure and financial security they provided for me and my children. Through every step of the way, I always felt that they deeply cared about our future.

    - Amy W.

  • They Helped Me Recover
    My left shoulder was seriously injured in a car accident. I was told that I would probably need surgery on my left shoulder. Unfortunately, I did not have insurance at the time, and could not afford the surgery. The lawyers at LaMarca Law Group, P.C. were able to negotiate a settlement that included more than enough money to pay my bills, the cost of the surgery, and other damages the law allowed me to recover.

    - Carl B.

  • Highly Recommend
    In September of 2006, I was jumped and severely beat up outside of a bar. I ended up having surgery on my ankle and was unable to work for months after that. The lawyers at LaMarca Law Group, P.C. obtained a settlement against the bar’s insurance company for the insurance limits and were even able to negotiate down some of the bills I had to pay back. The lawyers at LaMarca Law Group, P.C. did a great job for me and helped me to get back on my feet financially.

    - Robert P.

  • Thank You For All You Have Done
    I have just finished reading the summaries of the work done by all of the nominees for the 2006 Trial Lawyer of the Year Award and feel compelled to write. We’ve been presenting this annual award for over 20 years, but I’ve never seen such an extraordinary set of cases and accomplishments. I am writing you and each of the other nominees for a simple reason: to thank you for all you have done…

    - Arthur B.

  • Courteous, Professional & Smart
    Phil [De Koster] – working with him made the whole process of doing our wills and living wills, etc. very easy. He’s courteous, professional, and obviously very smart.

    - Linda & Bill R.

  • Highly Recommend
    Top-notch service – well prepared – professional.

    - John F.

  • Superb Job
    My brother John and I would like to thank you for representing our case against the Wright Medical Center. We believe you did a superb job on our behalf.

    - Constance L.

  • Professional
    Very prompt, professional. Sara Waugh [was] awesome.

    - Kevin N.

  • Highly Impressed
    Congratulations on your [medical malpractice] verdict. Although I have not seen many trials, I must say that I was quite impressed with your knowledge, demeanor, and professional skill. I sincerely hope that I would never have to come up against you in a trial. I mean that in the best possible way.

    - Daniel R., M.D.

  • I Felt Like I Mattered
    I [liked the] way everyone made us feel that we mattered. Everyone was so kind and helpful which was great since this was our first experience with a court case.

    - Bernadette O.

  • Highly Recommend
    Nothing I can do and no words can express my thanks and appreciation for your kindness and guidance. I’m so thankful for your continuing support in the resolution of the Iowa farmland and your willingness to help Roney and Sarah with their Florida property struggle.

    - Wanda L.

  • Very Professional
    Your integrity, honesty. That from A to Z. Your office is so professional. The sweetest thing of all is your ability and results! Thank you.

    - Sandra C.

  • They Make a Difficult Situation More Tolerable
    I was always treated with respect, my questions and concerns were always answered and Mr. Mattson or his assistants were always available. They helped make a difficult experience more tolerable,

    - Sheila L.

  • Excellent in Every Respect
    Mr. Knapp really cared about helping me get the best outcome possible. He walked me through the process and listened carefully to my concerns and questions, no matter how trivial. I was very pleased with the settlement he was able to obtain on my behalf. It was a difficult case, but he was excellent in every respect.

    - C.W.

  • Very Professional
    It was great to put my car accident settlement in Andy’s [Doane] capable hands and not deal with the other insurance company. Andy [Doane] returned my calls quickly and explained everything to me very well. I am very impressed with him and feel he is an asset to your company – very professional.

    - Wanda M.

  • Extremely Satisfied & Grateful
    When our life insurance policy was wrongfully canceled, we were unable to get anything accomplished dealing directly with the insurance company, but they sure listened to you. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome and your effort. Thank you again for how well and quickly you handled this matter.

    - Gene S.

  • Thank You So Much
    I want to thank you all so much for your wonderful help with this case. You made a difficult situation much more tolerable. We are feeling less stress from all of our financial issues that arose due to my health problems which alleviate some of our burdens. Hopefully, the physicians involved will alter their practice standards after this experience. Thanks for all of the good work that you do!

    - Terri K.

  • Excellent Job
    Thanks for your efforts on behalf of our clients … You certainly did an excellent job.

    - Thad V., The Vincent Law Firm, L.L.C., Beaufort, S.C.

  • Approachable & Personable
    Chad [Knapp] was very personable and approachable. I feel like he went above and beyond to get us the most favorable outcome.

    - Julie H.

  • Made Us Feel Comfortable
    I loved the service we got. Everyone was so nice. Made us feel comfortable. I have referred you to several people and will continue to do so.

    - Veronica C.

  • Highly Recommend
    We were treated very well at all times. You always had my interest in mind. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    - Howard K.

  • Very Satisfied
    Chad [Knapp] delivered exactly what we initially set out for.

    - Jim P.

  • Experienced, Committed & Thorough
    Our firm has worked specifically with Mr. LaMarca for more than 15 years. Due to his vast experience, deep commitment to his clients, and his attention to detail, we strongly recommend the firm to others. As the firm has grown, Mr. LaMarca has consistently hired only the best and has maintained a very experienced and capable staff for all of the years we’ve worked with him.

    - James R.

  • Outstanding Skills & Expertise
    I am happy to choose LaMarca law firm for an accident settlement case. Andy [Doane] is terrific at his job. His skills and expertise are outstanding. Thank you again for handling my case so well.

    - Kapil B.

  • Helped Me Every Step of the Way
    Chad [Knapp] and his staff were always courteous – sweet really. I had never needed a lawyer before. Chad was there helping me every step of the way.

    - Connie S.

  • They Are Great!

    We used LaMarca Law and are very happy with them. They are very professional and answered all our questions. Their response time was awesome and didn’t leave us waiting around for a phone call. We worked with James Biscoglia & Ryan Nixon. We would definitely use them again.

    - Tyler S.

  • Invaluable Attorney
    My attorney at this firm was Roman Vald, for a divorce involving a minor child. Every time we met, I left thoroughly satisfied. Roman is friendly and personable, but moreover, he knows exactly what he is doing, and he explained the process for me, making it very simple at all times to know what steps I needed to take and what I could expect. He is firm but his fair-minded approach to negotiations was invaluable when it came time to communicate with my ex and her attorney, reaching an agreement that I was happy with (better than expected, truly). His fees are thoroughly reasonable. Overall I have no hesitation in recommending him. Ask for Roman Vald.

    - Zachary K.

  • You Are the Best
    Thanks, George, you and your team are the best. I’m forever grateful for your professional advocacy on my behalf. Most of all, I appreciate your compassion during an emotionally charged process

    - Ellen H.

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